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Data Queries Data is just a bunch of numbers until you put it to work. In this category, we will discuss how to build curated dashboards, advanced visualizations, custom alerts, and Synthetics scripts. Developer Toolkit The New Relic Developer Toolkit is a suite of tools expressly built to ease the configuration, management, and usage of New Relic through automation. Nerdpacks We’re giving you control of the fundamental building blocks for the New Relic One platform. Using the same tools our engineers use, you can build custom applications - Nerdpacks - that allow you to bring exactly the information you care about into focus. If you know how to use React, NerdGraph, and NRQL (our query language), building a simple application will take you only a few minutes. In this category, we feature the Nerdpacks that might want to use or modify for your own business needs, as well as the tools and training to help you build your own Nerdpacks from scratch. Ready to explore more? You can start with our documentation or check out our Developer Center. ISUCON ISUCONでのNew Relic利用に関する投稿はこちらへ。
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Connect with developers and swap stories on how to build on our platform to make New Relic your own. This category is not monitored by Support but Relics do contribute.

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