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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Alerts

About the Feature Ideas: Alerts category (1)
Separate In/Out alerting condition thresholds (2)
Only send alerts during a specifc time window each day ( 2 3 4 ) (61)
Feature Idea: Create baseline alert conditions with API (11)
Feature Idea: Alerts Based on Specific Errors (15)
Notifications on Alert Warnings (14)
Feature idea: Show the condition threshold and actual value in Alert notifications (2)
Feature Idea: Custom metric wildcards? ( 2 ) (27)
Include ticket information on Alerts (2)
Feature Idea: Repeating notifications (15)
Feature Idea: ActiveMq Integrations (4)
Feature Idea: Configurable Timeslices for NRQL Alerts (11)
Feature Idea: View alert condition over custom time period (4)
Can we have alert notifications on google hangout? (14)
Feature Idea: NRQL Alert on last values (2)
For APM Response Time alerts, add additional metrics (95%, 99%, median) beyond just 'average' (5)
Feature Idea: Baseline alerting for deviates above/below the baseline (9)
Feature Idea: All Custom metrics thresholds should be avaialbe for alert conditions as in Insights tab (2)
Feature Idea: Customized Alerting Email Messages? ( 2 ) (24)
Feature Idea: Webhook JSON payload: display the affected server name (3)
Feature Idea: Timeframe for alerts to fire and create an incident (14)
Feature Idea: How about adding a red dotted line on the graph below when setting alerts? (2)
Feature Idea: Low polling rate causing dips in graphs (5)
Feature Idea: Duplicate a policy (11)
Feature Idea: Use API to update alert channels (10)
Feature Idea: Setting Low Level Alerts Policy on APM (2)
Feature Idea: Auto create JIRA Tickets ( 2 ) (32)
Feature Idea: Extend REST API to be able to get update the Baseline conditions (2)
Feature Idea: Turn off all conditions from an alert policy (16)
Using client certificates on notification channel webhooks (2)