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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Alerts

Feature Idea: Create an alerts dashboard, or be able to add to an insights dashboard (2)
Feature Idea: Customize alert message in Slack (2)
Feature Idea: Allow custom timerange when creating new alert conditions (to validate visually) (2)
Feature Idea: Live throughput deviation alert (5)
Feature Idea: Baseline alerts for facet queries (4)
Feature Idea: Formatting the TIMESTAMP in a webhook custom payload (8)
NRQL Alert Threshold Duration Increase (4)
Feature Idea: Include Periods of No Data in the Alert Timer for "at least once in" alerts (2)
Feature Idea: Increase threshold for process running > than 180mins (3)
Feature Idea: Channel level Notifcation OFF and ON additional to conditional level OFF and ON (2)
Feature Idea: Outlier detection: threshold as percentage, and deviation average calculation for small sample sets (2)
Feature Idea: Node VM Metrics (6)
Feature Idea: How do I set up predetermined time windows when our configured alerts are inactive? ( 2 ) (24)
NRQL alert on percentage of custom events (2)
Feature Idea: Please include the Entity name in the Incidents UI and Events UI in Alerts (1)
Feature Idea: Alert related to error should give link to error (8)
AWS RDS Integration Event alerting and monitoring (2)
New relic Alert data snapshot (2)
Send alert reminder (1)
Feature Idea: Provide username in alert notification when alert is acknowledged (4)
Feature Idea: Additional control over "Outlier" NRQL alerts (2)
Dates and time in alerts received by email are not readable (2)
Application Alert Policies (1 for Warnings and 1 for Critical) (14)
Set throughput threshold beyond 120 minutes (2)
Feature Request: Slack event button points to the event details instead of the overall incident page (2)
NRQL conditions to associate to entities (2)
Feature Idea: Threshold duration greater than 60 minutes? (6)
Filter Open Alerts for a personal view (4)
Per Instance Thresholds to support heterogeneous applications (3)
Feature Idea: Synthetic Ping failures should trigger only when all locations fail at the same time ( 2 ) (24)