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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Alerts

Feature Idea: Additional control over "Outlier" NRQL alerts (2)
Dates and time in alerts received by email are not readable (2)
Application Alert Policies (1 for Warnings and 1 for Critical) (14)
Notifications on Alert Warnings (8)
Set throughput threshold beyond 120 minutes (2)
Feature Request: Slack event button points to the event details instead of the overall incident page (2)
NRQL conditions to associate to entities (2)
Feature Idea: Threshold duration greater than 60 minutes? (6)
Filter Open Alerts for a personal view (4)
Per Instance Thresholds to support heterogeneous applications (3)
Feature Idea: Synthetic Ping failures should trigger only when all locations fail at the same time ( 2 ) (24)
Feature Idea: Include Notification Channels in Alert Policy List API Call (4)
Feature Ideas: Notification custom payload doesn't support conditional value (3)
Feature request: NRQL alerts should trigger off / provide result sets in the e-mail/incident (2)
New Relic Webhook to update page (4)
Feature Idea: Caution Level Email ( 2 ) (30)
Feature Idea: NRQL Alerting—Allow for control of subject and body of alert (8)
Feature request: "Synthetic check fails for any reason" needs more options and more detail (too vague/broad) (2)
Have ability to use Dynamic Baseline Alerts feature for Infrastructure/Cloud Integration alerts (2)
Incidence Preference: APM Alerts by entity (3)
Default Alert policies (2)
Feature Idea: Decrease Sensitivity of Synthetics Alerting (16)
Feature Idea: Alert PUT requests (3)
Feature Idea: Faceted Alert Policies (2)
Feature Idea: Custom Payload Variables (20)
Feature Idea: Request REST API to Close Violation (4)
Feature Idea: Variable for monitor name & URL in synthetics (2)
Feature Request: Pass the FACET name for 'By Policy & Entity' NRQL alerts (2)
Feature Idea: Timeframe for alerts to fire and create an incident (13)
Feature Idea: Unwanted webhook call for closed incident (14)