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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Browser

About the Feature Ideas: Browser category (1)
Feature Idea: Display custom attributes on error instances page (2)
Feature Idea - PRO App Config in NR Browser API (2)
Cannot add additional information for error message (17)
Feature Idea: Filter JS errors from New Relic Browser UI (2)
Feature Idea: Disable Downloaded HTML Files Tracking (everything via file:/// Protocol) (4)
Feature Idea: Add browser plugins/extensions to JS errors log (7)
Feature Idea: Proxy Browser Requests to NR Through Our Server (4)
Feature Idea: How best to add GDPR compliant script blocking for NR snippets? (12)
Feature Idea: Automatic instrumentation of AngularJS SPA HTML page for Browser Monitoring by NewRelic APM java agent (2)
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Feature Idea: Browser deployment markers (7)
Feature Idea: Aggregated session trace report (2)
Feature Idea: Can I filter session trace by session id? (3)
Feature Idea: Keep website operator anonymity by issuing different license key (3)
Feature Idea: Longer Cache Time on JavaScript Agent (8)
Feature Idea: Include NetworkInformation (3G, LTE, Wifi) in session trace (2)
Make Browser GDPR-compliant (4)
Feature Idea: Track Deployments for Browser Apps (8)
Feature Idea: search and delete sourcemaps from the UI (2)
Feature Idea: JS Error tracking in Cordova (3)
Feature Idea: Sourcemaps using relative url instead of full Url for javascriptUrl (7)
Feature Idea: SPA times for Apdex and SLA Report (4)
Feature Idea: Insights userAgentName not showing all browser (6)
Feature Idea: Labels in Browser Monitoring (2)
Do not clear the Resource Timing buffer (2)
Feature Idea: How do I download a session trace? How do I watch one? (3)
Feature Idea: Is is possible to make the browser agent flush queued events faster? (6)
Feature Idea: Create ticket from JS Error Page (2)
Feature Idea: Include route changes for SPA in Session Traces (5)