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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Infrastructure

Feature Idea: NewRelic Windows Server agent with alternative hostname (12)
Feature Idea: Monitor CPUCreditUsage & CPUCreditBalance - EC2 T2 instances (6)
Programmatically Add AWS Account (3)
Feature: Add "Integration Not Reporting" Alert Conditions for Infrastructure Agent (2)
Feature Idea: Event auditing of users (2)
Feature Idea: to include a webhook facility (4)
Feature Request: New Relic IOS App - Save Filter Set Host Preferences (2)
Can you add a method to restrict a user account to be able to view a specific dashboard or set of hosts? (3)
Supporting refs Filesystem on Windows OS (3)
Feature Idea: Use Filter Set in alerts (6)
Feature Idea: Network Interface Utilization Monitoring (2)
Feature Idea: Alert on service names (2)
Feature Idea: Monitor linux's blocking entropy pool (/dev/random) (2)
Feature Idea: Create/Update NewRelicWindowsAzure Nuget Package that installs APM and Infrastructure for Azure Cloud Services (5)
GCP integration in infrastructure event dashboard (2)
Feature Idea: Infrastructure Alerts "not exactly" Dropdown Option (2)
Feature Idea: Add cumulative memory usage in Process Graph (4)
Shared timeframe between Infrastructure and APM (5)
Feature Idea: New Relic Infrastrucuture - disk full estimate (6)
Feature Idea: 7 Day Trend and Time to Full for Disk Space (4)
Feature Idea: Infrastructure Usage API By Subaccount (4)
Feature Idea: Support disk utilization for RAID setups (2)
Feature Idea: Alerts during the workday only (2)
Feature Idea: New Relic Infrastructure alert email subjects does not show the disk full % (2)
Feature Idea: No default policy for the new alerts in infrastructure (5)
Feature Idea: Integration Dashboards (2)
Feature Idea: Add Inventory Items to alert filter list (2)
Feature Idea: Cumulus Linux Support (2)
Feature Idea: Generic 64-bit Linux Binary Builds? (9)
Feature Idea: Tmpfs support for storage metrics (2)