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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Insights

About the Feature Ideas: Insights category (1)
What is the correct method to get an average(sum(facets))? (4)
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Feature request - NRQL string functions ( 2 3 ) (46)
Combining FACET and COMPARE WITH (15)
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Feature Idea: Include additional data on NrDailyUsage events (2)
Feature Idea: APM Deployment Markers in Insights Dashboards ( 2 ) (22)
Feature Idea: Timeseries queries with sparse data points (18)
Feature Idea: Adding labels to dashboards (3)
Feature Idea: Support bitwise operators in NRQL (4)
Feature Idea: Variables in Dashboard Queries (10)
Feature Ideas: Critical / Threshold Color Codes (10)
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Label with AS clause attributes grouped by FACET (8)
Feature Idea: Insights - can we haz templating variables like Grafana? (2)
Mass query update (2)
Feature Idea: Share Insights Dashboards Externally (17)