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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Java Agent

About the Feature Ideas: Java Agent category (1)
Feature Ideas: Instrumentation support for Java Mongo 3.8.2 Driver (7)
Feature Idea: Lettuce Support (5)
Feature Idea: New Relic Java agent JSON logging (4)
Feature Idea: Any plans for New Relic adding support to Micronaut (2)
Feature Idea: Vert.x 3.6 and Kotlin coroutines support (6)
Feature Idea: Support OkHttp 3 on Java (11)
Feature Idea: Support for Play 1.5 (11)
Feature Idea: support http4s (7)
Feature Idea: Supporting Akka Http clients to monitor external services (6)
Compatibility with Oracle Database driver on supported version of Java (2)
Feature Idea: Automatically send/create a deployment event based on application runtime checksum changes (2)
Feature Idea: Undertow Request (4)
With support for Java 10, New Relic deprecates Java 6 (2)
Feature Idea: MongoDB 3.4 support (2)
Feature Idea: ExternalServices: show percentage per Service API path (6)
Feature Idea: Detect stuck transactions (2)
Feature Idea: Remove the existence of newrelic.yml as a requirement for Java (2)
Feature Idea: Embed chart with java api calls? (6)
Feature Idea: What are the frameworks supported for external services ( 2 ) (24)
Feature Idea: Akka Http 10 Support ( 2 ) (35)
Feature Idea: Adding JVM's to Custom Dashboard (6)
Feature Idea: Play 2.6.x Support (13)
Feature Idea: Reduce agent start up time by supporting a predefined list of classes to instrument (3)
Feature Idea: Scala 2.12 support (5)
Feature Idea: CAT Messaging (Java, JMS) time spent in queue (1)
Feature Idea: Instrumentation support for Redisson Client in java agent (1)
Feature Idea: State of CloudFoundry support? (17)
Feature Idea: Make @Trace annotation available on class level (2)
Support for Hystrix 1.5 (5)