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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: .NET Agent

About the Feature Ideas: .NET Agent category (1)
Feature idea: Make latest version number available through curl (2)
Feature Idea: Support MySqlConnector driver for DB instrumentation (15)
Feature Idea: Azure Functions v2 Support (4)
Feature Idea: Distributed tracing using TCP (6)
Feature Idea: Custom Event with custom date field (7)
Feature Idea: Force override of .net agent machinename lookup (not infrastructure agent) (2)
Feature Idea: Tracking .NET applications running on Mono/Docker (14)
Ignore swagger on .Net Agent (7)
Feature Idea: .Net Code Instrumentation - To collect details about lines and methods in the application (5)
Feature Idea: Split transactions by Verb (3)
Feature Idea: Support reading from environmental variable to disable .NET Core agent (5)
Provide a pattern to explicitly name sql queries displayed in databases dashboard (2)
Feature Idea: Support gathering Kubernetes Metadata to link APM data to Kubernetes Infra data (2)
Feature Idea: .NET Core support for tracing StackExchange.Redis (2)
Feature Idea: Add Support for NServiceBus Version 6 ( 2 ) (39)
Feature Idea: .NET Agent API call - Custom Event creation - Attribute char limits (4)
Feature Idea: Add IncrementCounter(string, int) to .NET API (4)
Feature Idea: Change hostname based on environment variable (4)
Feature idea: Distinct names for targeted .NET applications in global newrelic.config (4)
Feature Idea: Micrososft Service Fabric (3)
Feature Idea: Custom Instrumentation URI Attribute (4)
Feature Idea : instrument .NET Core in the .NET Framework agent (3)
Feature Idea: Support for Azure ServiceFabric? ( 2 ) (25)
Feature Idea: Support for v2.0 .NET MongoDB driver? ( 2 ) (24)
Feature Idea: Custom hostname configuration in newrelic.config (3)
Feature Idea: Tiered compilation in .Net Core (3)
Feature Idea: Implement environment variables for agent configuration settings (2)
Feature Idea: Support For Different Postgre SQL Providers (2)
Support Npgsql 4.0.* (postgres) (2)