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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Node.js Agent

About the Feature Ideas: Node.js Agent category (1)
Feature Idea: Is there a guide to instrumenting a Nextjs application? (2)
Feature Idea: Support for Fastify route names (8)
Feature Idea: Duplicate Errors Generated by .noticeError() (6)
Feature Idea: Performance monitoring for NodeJS GraphQL application (15)
Please officially support webpack (3)
Is http2 supported for nodejs? (6)
Feature Idea: Fully support Mongoose in node.js agent (2)
Feature Idea: Rename the transactions using HTTP request headers via JMeter (8)
Feature Idea: Any plans to instrument mysql2/promise in the NodeJS agent? (2)
Feature Idea: Vulnerabilities search in npm packages (2)
Feature Idea: Meteor.js Support ( 2 ) (21)
Feature Idea: Knex support in nodejs client (2)
Feature Idea: Node JS support for Loopback 4 (2)
Feature Idea: Availability of custom segments into break down table (4)
Feature Idea: Expected Error support (already in Java, Ruby agents) (2)
Feature Idea: Enhanced Agent Log Management Capabilities (2)
Feature Idea: cross-application tracing across AMQP message boundaries (4)
Feature Idea: Node/Azure App (2)
Feature Idea: Support for UWS instrumentation (2)
Feature Idea: Using Mongoose Cursors: Memory leaking very quickly (17)
Feature Idea: Native async/await support (8)
Feature Idea: Details for slow transactions that never completed (8)
Feature Idea: Adding Traces for Promise chain (2)
Feature Idea: Failed external requests not appearing in external calls (3)
Feature Idea: Node.js Event loop monitoring for each instance on the server (2)
Show all GET/POST/PUT/DELETE params on new relic (4)
Feature Idea: Profiling CPU usage of specific methods (3)
Feature Idea: Node-fibers, memory leaks, conflated transactions (7)
Feature Idea: APM With Feathersjs With (5)