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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Python Agent

About the Feature Ideas: Python Agent category (1)
Feature Idea: Increase rate for agent harvest and send (3)
Feature Idea: New Relic with Django Channels (Daphne/ASGI) (19)
Simulation tool for Cloud Applications (3)
Support for Dramatiq (2)
Feature Idea: Can't create newrelic.ini on Windows with Python (6)
Feature Idea: Python ThreadPool transaction tracing (9)
Feature Idea: Support hypercorn + quart (4)
Feature Idea: Support for Python 3 Asyncio ioloop ETA ( 2 ) (31)
Feature Idea: RQ and Introspection on Tasks (17)
Feature Idea: Support NGINX Unit Python (2)
Feature Idea: Pika instrmentation leaks memory by holding references to all connections ever created (8)
Feature Idea: Support py-amqp to monitor Celery message queues (2)
Feature Idea: Reporting Slow ElasticSearch Queries (7)
Feature Idea: Cassandra CQL support (8)
Feature Idea: Twisted App with new relic (?) (17)
Feature Idea: Profiling Memory in Python/Tornado (2)
Feature Idea: NR does not display time spent in requests module (6)
Feature Idea: High Security / HTTP Parameters (3)
Feature Idea: Configure Avail. Monitoring URL in newrelic.ini File (7)