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Support: Feature Ideas   Feature Ideas: Synthetics

About the Feature Ideas: Synthetics category (1)
Synthetics Pings Failed From One Location (but were successful from others): Feature Idea ( 2 ) (34)
Feature Idea: How can I disable chrome pop ups from showing up? (7)
Feature Idea: Manually Trigger Synthetics Monitors (18)
Feature Idea: RBAC support for Custom Roles (4)
Feature Idea: Mass Mute / Maintenance Mode ( 2 ) (27)
Feature Idea: GET API calls should return current state of monitors (2)
Feature Idea: Set separate job rate to be used when monitor has failed (5)
Feature Idea: Is there an API to set monitor down time? (4)
Feature Idea: Running CPM minions in Azure Container Instances (4)
Feature Idea: Provide Bulk delete Synthetic monitors and add Delete Option to the drop down menu (2)
Feature Idea: Running private minions in AWS? (14)
Feature Idea: Synthetics Scripted Browser User Agent Variability (2)
Feature Idea: Synthetics GitHub Version Control (15)
Feature Idea: Is it Possible Set a Scheduled Maintenance Window? ( 2 3 ) (59)
Feature Idea: Simple Monitor should fail on insecure redirects (5)
How to create a Regex to grab information from Security Credentials (3)
Feature Idea: Why doesn't the POST call of the Synthetics API return the monitor id? (8)
Feature Idea: Synthetics Ping should allow configuration of header parameters (5)
Feature Idea: Is there an API for "Monitor Downtime"? (9)
Feature Idea: Create location for Argentina server (3)
Feature Idea: Support async/await in synthetics browser scripts (8)
Feature Idea: Synthetics monitor custom time (5)
Feature Idea: Surfacing errors (2)
Feature Idea: Monitor a video player (2)
Feature Idea: Synthetic Simple Browser Validation String - Can It Be Negated? (5)
Feature Idea: Referencing common script functions (13)
Feature Idea: Chrome version is too old (4)
Feature Request: Public Status Page of selectable synthetic checks (4)
Feature Idea: Select location when running a script validation (2)