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Conversation: Nerdvana   Tech Events & New Relic

About the Tech Events & New Relic category (1)
October 2018 Coffee Chat: Best Practices & Getting started with New Relic (1)
September 2018 Coffee Chat: Treasure Hunt (3)
Webinar: Setting SLOs and SLIs in the Real World - Sept. 19th & 27th (1)
Webinar: The Recipe for a Quick, Peaceful, and Successful Cloud Migration - June 5 (1)
Webinar: Technical Webinar with AWS: Everything You Need to Measure in Your Migration - May 16 (1)
Webinar: New Relic Infrastructure: New Integrations For Smarter and Faster Cloud Adoption - March 21 (1)
Tech Talk: New Relic Alerts (1)
Webinar: Delivering Great Front End Experiences with Browser and Synthetics - Nov 15 (1)
October 2017 Coffee Chat: Certification Test Prep with Phil Weber (4)
JavaOne 2017 Takeaways (2)
Register for the October 26th Certification Prep Webinar! (1)
Register for the October 10th Certification Prep Webinar! (1)
Webinar: Tis the Season to be Ready: Preparing for a Successful eCommerce Peak Season - Oct. 2017 (1)
September 2017 Coffee Chat: Let's Optimize your Buyer's Journey (2)
Webinar: Fall ‘17 New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform Updates - Sept. 26 (1)
August 2017 Coffee Chat: Let's Talk about Alerts (2)
Webinar: New Relic Infrastructure: Servers Transition August 22, 2017 (1)
Webinar: Why Measuring Page Load Is The Wrong Metric - August 23 (6)
Webinar: ‘Show Me (Where I’m Spending) the Money!’ AWS Billing Comes to New Relic Insights (1)
Webinar: Spring '17 New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform Updates - June 12 (1)
Webinar: New Relic Infrastructure: New AWS Integrations June 2017 (1)
Webinar: Do DevOps Right with New Relic July 12 2017 (1)
July 2017 Coffee Chat: Let's talk about RBAC (4)
Webinar: 7 Requirements of Monitoring Cloud Apps & Infrastructure August 29, 2017 (4)
Webinar: Monitoring Your Docker Containers and Microservices with New Relic September 5, 2017 (1)
Webinar: Migrating and Scaling in the Cloud September 19, 2017 (1)
Webinar: New Relic Infrastructure SDK July 2017 (3)
Webinar: New Relic Alerts: Built to provide full stack alerting and reduce alert fatigue August 24, 2017 (4)
What do we want and need? Observations from Monitorama 2017 (1)