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Support: Products & Agents   Synthetics

End of life notice: Synthetics legacy notification system (Sept 2019) (2)

What is Happening New Relic Synthetics has offered various methods to notify you when a monitor fails. Moving forward, all Synthetics alerts will be managed by New Relic Alerting policies. If you have any monitors using…

Upgrade to New Relic’s Synthetics RBAC permissions! Here’s what’s changing (2)

What is Happening Synthetics is improving how we apply permissions to your Synthetics objects (monitors, private locations, secure credentials, and monitor downtimes) and the actions associated with them. This transitio…

Update: Synthetics public locations (2019) (2)

What is Happening New Relic Synthetics will be removing three public locations: Fremont, CA, Newark, NJ and Dallas, TX. We will automatically migrate existing checks to alternate locations beginning the first week of Se…

New Relic University - Synthetics Tutorial (2)

Check out these New Relic University video tutorials: Getting Started with New Relic Synthetics Writing Synthetics Browser Scripts If you’re looking for even more, try the Alerting course.

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