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Explorers Hub Community Guidelines

Welcome to the New Relic Explorers Hub! We have this community to support each other’s use of New Relic in our projects. We encourage everyone to help each other out, post tips and tricks, share requests on how to improve New Relic and to share how you use New Relic with your projects.

Our community focuses on ensuring that everyone has a positive experience with New Relic. Our core values include transparency, compassion, learning, and trust.

How can you participate?

Jump in and start a new topic or reply to an existing topic! This is a professional but casual community and we encourage you to have fun while learning about New Relic and helping others on their adventure.

What if I need support?

Awesome! That is what we’re here for. Here are some guidelines for having the best support experience:

  • Be very descriptive. More context and more of the story will help community members have the information they need to help you:
  • Include the product you’re using and the version of that product. For instance, “I am using the PHP Agent 3.1.2 on a LAMP stack.”
  • Include a step-by-step rundown so that others can try to reproduce the issue.
  • If you want help from New Relic support staff on an issue visible in RPM then post the permalink for New Relic support staff to view. Only New Relic will be able to access and view your permalink.
  • Include any of your relevant screenshots (black out or crop out any personally identifiable information).
  • Include any clear code snippets that you are using for NR instrumentation

What if my support needs require sharing logs?

Logs can help in a variety of situations. If the logs you need to share include personally identifiable information, please either black out or remove those details prior to sharing or start your topic without the logs. If we need logs to help out then we’ll ask, promise!

What if I have a Feature Request?

We want to hear your story. Please share with the community what you’d like to see in New Relic, including changes, support for platforms, improvements, or entirely new features. Sharing your story or use-case can really help our product managers understand your core needs. The more detail you include the better to help us improve New Relic for you.

… and Bug Reports?

We don’t like bugs; but they are also part of software development so we’d like to squash them when they do appear. When reporting these, be as detailed as possible. Please include a step-by-step run-down of how to reproduce the bug. Some helpful information to include:

  • Your browser and operating system
  • The product and product version you’re using
  • A detailed description of what went awry and what you expected to happen
  • Any clear code snippets that may be in use
  • A screenshot if appropriate (black out or crop out any personally identifiable information).

What if my post doesn’t fit into any of the above descriptions?

Post anyway! If you’d like to discuss the community itself, post in Meta. If you have a general tech topic that you’d like to discuss, post in Dev Chat. If none of these fits, go ahead and post in Uncategorized.

What should I avoid doing?

Our community is public and there are items that you will not want to post in any public community for your own security:

  • Don’t post personally identifiable information. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, license keys, SSH keys, passwords, etc.
  • Don’t spam or advertise.

Final Notes

This is our community, together. We want everyone to feel welcome and supported. Relax, take off your coat, and join us in building an awesome community that we’re all proud to be part of!

Your use of the New Relic Online Technical Community is subject to the New Relic Terms of Service.