1/17/2016 PoW! Posts of the week: Synthetics, Windows 10 and NRQL!

Time for PoW…

Posts of the Week! :sparkles:

for the week of January 17, 2016

New Relic Users, meet NuRelic!
@matthew_fortunka blew us away this week with his announcement of “NuRelic”, his answer to all Windows users everywhere. He made his own Windows 10 client and I could not be more impressed. Thank you! Check it out!

@pault and Forum Hero @stefan_garnham nailed :hammer: this Synthetics thread! If you ever needed to workaround the limitation of not being able to create synthetics via an API, here you go!

Forum Hero @aaronsnyder dazzles again with his NRQL Wizardry! Passing out custom attribute wiz-dom… cuz you’re a wiz!

And check it out: @philweber from New Relic’s Education team posted this really cool nugget this week on Synthetic scripting! Thanks so much for helping us explore all Synthetic Scripts can do!

As always, thank you all who pitch in! You make our Community Forum so fun and so cool! Thank you! You are awesome!