11/6/2015 Post of the Week: Helping each other out. APIs, NRQL, Promises, and more!

And… here we are to feature the Post of the Week from last week! We once again have many posts to highlight and share.

In this post @stefan_garnham has our first community-posted sticky with the goal of building up a library of helpful NRQL queries. Do you have such a query to share? Come add it to that post and help us grow that library!

In the following post we had a great conversation amongst on excluding a maintenance window from an Insights dashboard:

And in this post we had both @aaronsnyder and @stefan_garnham step in to help with getting Browser geo data via an API call!

We’ve also had two great posts by community member @gekkie with some very helpful code snippets:

And in this post our Forum Hero @aaronsnyder shared how to work with a Promise:

Thank you to each of our incredibly knowledgeable and helpful experts for jumping in and helping out!