12/11/2015 Posts of the Week: JVMs, Yii2 and Synthetics!

Welcome to the Post of the Week for the week of Dec 11, 2015!

Shall we jump right in?

A big thank you to @atanner for sharing their trick on distinguishing JVMs:

and to @bazilio, who took the time to build and share a composer package for Yii2 support!

From our heroes @aaronsnyder and @stefan_garnham

@aaronsnyder answers if Synthetic’s Browser uses http2 and describes how he determined that. Pretty neat, check it out!:

and @stefan_garnham drops in with a handy Synthetic’s Script for a maintenance window workaround:

A big thank you to everyone here and all of the wonderful folks in the forums who are jumping in and helping out every day. Thank you!