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2 Baseline alert



Hello, I would like you to help me with a situation. Today I have an alert with a static baseline, but I need to have 2 different baselines, because the behavior differs according to the time. It needed a baseline from 7AM to 11PM and another from 11PM to 7AM. How do I achieve this? And another doubt, I read a lot about dynamic baseline, but so far I have not figured out how to implement this. Thank you very much in advance.


Hey @bili -

Currently there is no way to have an alert condition change at a given time.

That said, baselines learn from your application data, over time the baseline should adapt to the expected results at any given time.

Have you noticed that your baseline is static? They should be always learning from your data, so if you are noticing that this is not the case, let us know and we can get a ticket opened up for you to look into that further.