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2017 in Review: Increase Your Rate of Change



Increase Your Rate of Change

No matter what your business is, there is one thing we all have in common: change. Whether you are knee deep in a cloud migration or spend your days constantly tweaking your e-commerce app to improve the customer experience, you are managing a tremendous amount of change, and change can create some big impacts.

You need to know if your work produced the intended results, or created unintended consequences. With the right tools in place to see exactly what happened, you can feel confident making more changes, more often.

In 2017, New Relic released a number of new features to help you understand the impact of that change quickly and easily.

But Wait, There’s More!

In addition to helping you increase your rate of change, we also released features in 2017 to help you:

Check them out and let us know which new features have been most helpful to you!

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Baseline Alerts

Product: New Relic Alerts

When we first rolled out Dynamic Baseline Alerts late last year, we used a single algorithm that covered a lot of bases and worked well in a wide variety of situations.

Since then, we’ve been talking with customers and doing even more math to find additional ways to make Dynamic Baseline Alerts even better. Of course, we weren’t interested in doing the math for its own sake. Our dedicated applied intelligence engineering team focused on finding the methods that solve our customers’ real-world problems—all at the massive scale of data that New Relic deals with every day. That means monitoring more than a billion events and metrics per minute for more than 15,000 customers.

As usual, our goal is to do as much of the work for you as possible, so you can focus on your systems and your customers. Some solutions still make you select the seasonality for a metric, or pick a particular algorithm to suit a particular metric. With our latest improvements, we now do all of that for you so you can make more changes, faster.



NRQL Alerts

Product: New Relic Alerts

New Relic Query Language (NRQL), pronounced “nerkel,” is the SQL-like language we have been developing since 2014 specifically for analytics. Our customers use NRQL extensively to write custom queries and analyze the data (both metric and events data) they send to New Relic.

Along the way we’ve received many requests to add alerting and notifications using data from NRQL queries. Following up on those requests, we announced NRQL alerts at our FutureStack16 user conference in San Francisco 2016. Since then, hundreds of customers have participated in the limited-release beta program. They have not only given us great feedback but also demonstrated a plethora of game-changing use cases for NRQL alerting.

NRQL alerts are designed to offer the ability to create highly customized alerts using NRQL queries on the data you store in New Relic Insights and the New Relic database (NRDB). Now NRQL queries can be easily converted to alert conditions using the New Relic Alerts UI.



Health Map

Product: APM

Health Map is our innovative visualization that integrates our industry-leading application and infrastructure monitoring data to help operations teams understand and troubleshoot their applications.

As organizations shift towards microservices on ephemeral systems, ops and DevOps teams often find it increasingly difficult to fully understand all the dependencies for their applications. Health Map is a high-density, color-coded view that shows the health of all your applications as well as the health of the infrastructure hosts where those applications are deployed.



The Business of Artificial Intelligence

2017 Industry News

Artificial Intelligence is fresh on our minds since last year’s release of our product Radar. Just like many other tech companies out there, New Relic uses AI to increase your rate of change—things can happen a LOT faster with artificial intelligence.

Since there was so much to say in 2017 about the power and potential of AI, we thought we would include other interesting stories about businesses and their AI solutions.

Here is a Harvard Business Review Article called The Business of Artificial Intelligence.