2018 Review of Community Awesomeness

2018 Review of Community Awesomeness

Everyday, our Community is made better by the Explorers and Relics who take the time to share their questions, knowledge and expertise. They’re our Community heroes coming to save the day! Since it is almost American Thanksgiving :turkey:, we wanted to take some time to stop and say THANK YOU. Though this list is far from complete we’ve come up with a few categories we want to highlight as a review of the awesomeness you all help create.

Thanks Datanauts!

Thank you to the amazing @Stefan_garnham, @6mm, @MKhanna and @Splintor for taking the time this year to answer so many of your fellow Explorer’s questions. Your knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge make this Community truly special. Thanks for being so darn smart and helpful - I can’t wait to see what you help us accomplish in 2019!

Biggest Community Supporters

Those hearts & likes under each post are not only fun, they are an incredibly useful to our community. They signal to other Explorers and Relics alike when a contribution is considered helpful. A big thank you to @MKhanna, @Stefan_garnham and @jbiggley for being our biggest community supporters!

Best Loved Level-Up Posts

We have an amazing team of Relics who create truly awesome content. Like this post all about webhooks from @gjohnson. Or this post that helps with all of those .Net Core installation issues by @dmorris. These posts provide our customers invaluable knowledge and we couldn’t be more thankful for them! You should know: these both have tens of thousands of views. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you oughtta.

Community Favorites

@Stefan_garnham, @6mm and @MKhanna are practically famous around here! It may not surprise you to hear that these Explorers have been absolutely showered with appreciation by all of you—their fellow Community members—this past year. These three received more hearts/likes than any other members in 2018. Congrats!

Most Curious Explorer

We want to celebrate those Explorers who take the time to post their questions, tips and insights. A special thanks to @Stefan_garnham, @MKhanna and @BigNStrauss for sharing their thoughts, opinions and New Relic wisdom with all of us! Be sure to give them a big “thank you” if they have helped you this year with their input!

Scholarly Scholars

One of the main goals of the Explorers Hub is to spread knowledge about all things New Relic. That being the case, we want to also celebrate those who’ve taken the time to read the most this year. A huge thanks to @Stefan_garnham, @monitoringLife and @bevan for being our most scholarly Community members!

Most Engaged

You may have noticed, that from time to time the Community team likes to run campaigns and contests where we ask you, our members, to do things like take quizzes, vote for your favorite roadmap features, or even just read and like your favorite topics in order to increase your New Relic know-how. A huge thank you goes to @jfry, @Stefan_garnham and @monitoringLife from us here on the Community team for being the Explorers who participated most frequently in our 2018 campaigns!


Thank you soo much. Means a lot


I second @MKhanna’s sentiment. Didn’t think my various odd issues would earn some recognition.


Thank you for the recognition.

Although as an Englishman, I do find it mildly embarrassing to see my name mentioned so frequently.

I’ll just have to slow down on the forum :slight_smile:


Please don’t slow down :smiley:


I think @stefan_garnham deserves a new t shirt! :clap::trophy:


Don’t you DARE slow down, @stefan_garnham! :wink:

and @gareth.davies is right: you do deserve a new t-shirt. We are hard pressed to find one you don’t already own! :joy:

You all are amazing!


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