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2019 Community Survey Results


You may have seen an email from us back in August asking you to share your opinions about the Explorers Hub and the work we do here with you. Our profound thanks to the 200+ people who took the time to let us know how we are doing. We learned several things that will help us shape the future of the community to better meet your needs.

The Explorers Hub is all about transparency, so of course we’re going to share the survey results with you here. Read on for more of what we found.

Who did we ask?

We emailed 35,000 folks who had been active in the Community in the past nine months. (35,000! There are a LOT OF YOU!)

What did we ask?

We asked a series of 13 questions geared towards determining what you think about the Explorers Hub generally, and the specific programs we have in place to serve you. Check out the questions and results:

What did we learn?

We’re cementing people’s opinion of the Community, in a good way! 37% of people are extremely likely to recommend the Explorers Hub to others - up from 22% last year.

People come to the community looking for answers. For 29% of people receiving quick answers to their questions is why they engage in the community. They value these answers even more than the awesome New Relic swag we (try to - sorry if you’ve been caught in any of our snafus) send out. This is a great reminder that the community is first and foremost a support forum where people come to get answers to their New Relic questions. Over the last year we’ve made some significant strides in this area. Questions about supported New Relic products receive a response within 2 business days, but most people get started on a path to an answer much sooner than that.

We still have some work to do when it comes to making people aware of badges. 54% of respondents said they either were unaware of our badges or not sure what they were. We definitely want you all to know what badges are, and strive to earn them. Let us know if you have thoughts on this topic.

Campaigns aren’t for everybody, but the folks who participate get real value out of them. While only 20% of our respondents reported participating in a recent campaign, of those 82% felt they were helpful and provided benefits. This is music to our ears because we design those campaigns to help you learn how to make the most of New Relic. We’d love to make them even more accessible to a larger portion of the community. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Our email program is working! 71% of people who responded have read an email from the Explorers Hub in the past 3 months and of those 87% found those emails to be a good way of engaging with the community. Also, 88% of people think that the number of emails we send is just right and 4% would like to see even more! (those 4% are my favorite community members).

We have some work to do in our Coffee Chat program. Only 5% of respondents had participated in our June Coffee Chat. This leaves us with a ton of room for growth and experimentation in how best to engage our members in more immediate chat activity.

What are we doing with what you told us?

We’re still thinking through some longer-term changes, but here are a few things that we’ve already put in place:

  • We re-vamped the work that @RyanVeitch and @Linds do every day to moderate the community. You’ll see us in there more making sure that threads are resolved and marked with an answer, for example.
  • We’re changing up our onboarding to make badges more visible to new community members.
  • We’re working up new programs that integrate real-time chat with Slack into our work.

Have something else you want to see us do? Just let us know. Your full community team (@ebeach, @hross, @Linds, and @RyanVeitch) is here to make sure you have a great experience.