2020 Community Survey Results

Hello Friends,

Before this year wraps up and we head into 2021 :confetti_ball: I wanted to share with you the results from our annual community member survey. We had over 1500 respondents which before even getting into the data we knew two things:

  1. You love NR swag :heart_eyes:
  2. You are passionate about YOUR community :star_struck:

Here are some other key data points this survey provided (click on the image to see the full infographic).

THANK YOU for taking the time to respond and share your candid thoughts around what we are doing well and where there is room to improve. Each data point and comment was carefully reviewed, and will be an integral part in guiding our future plans. If you were not able to participate in this survey but have feedback you would like to share please reach out to any member of the community team. Our DMs are always open.

Onward to another year continuing to build with you a strong community!

Joi Converse (@JoiConverse)
Neal McNamara (@nmcnamara)
Holly Ross (@hross)
Elizabeth Beach (@ebeach)