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3/11/2016 Post of the Week! ioredis, iOS .dSYM files, and Insight filters



It is time for the Post of the Week! Shall we start with some pi(e) for a Happy Pi Day?

We start off today with a huge contribution from @guivideojob who created a PR on github that adds support to ioredis:

and @chrislavender created and shared this awesome gist:

From our heroes!

@stefan_garnham jumps in with filter magic in this thread on multiple facets:

We had many other wonderful contributions in the forums last week. Won’t you jump in and help a fellow community member out?

And enjoy your pi!


Hello, this is new if maybe there’s another dSYM in your app that needs to be uploaded (aside from the main app dSYM). Sometimes Xcode can generate more than one dSYM for your app’s build. I don’t have enough idea because now I started to do an IOS course from CETPA INFOTECH.


Are you encountering issues with dSYMs @ananyagupta1214 - you’re right there are sometimes more than one dSYM file.

Let us know if you’re having trouble with this, we can get our mobile experts to help you out :smiley: