4/1/2016 Post of the Week! NRQL Library, Synthetics and Infographics!

Time for Posts of the Week!

Highest of fives and uppest of thumbs :thumbsup: to all who helped out in the forum this past week—and always! Take a look! :eyes:

@Trickey adds to @stefan_garnham 's nifty NRQL library! Check it out!

@max.kraszewski and @justin_spies nail :hammer: this PHP related issue with the help of our good friend and “data nerd” @acuffe !

Synthetics meets React.js! @max.schubert dazzles with a way to detect when the element is removed from the DOM when your front end uses React… with Synthetics!

Happy Birthday Community Forum! This Infographic was made for all of you! (Yes, You!) A huge thank you from me to you for making our community such an incredible success these past 2 years!
Take a peek into the data of all the amazing things you helped us accomplish below. :blush:

Thanks again! Until next time—you are awesome!

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