402 Payment Required when calling New Relic REST API


When using New Relic REST API to update secure credentials (PUT request) in monitors, we got response “402 Payment Required” back. We experienced this between 0:40 and 0:50 CET today on Jan. 21. After this time period, it works so far without problem.

Is this a known issue, or what does the 402 error really mean?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Xinhu.Liu -

According to our documentation, the 402 error will pop up if the execution would put you beyond your account limits for checks.

I can’t speak to why this might have been returned for your account at that moment in time, but maybe that will shed some light on it.

In any case - I am glad things are working now, but let us know if you need anything else.

Hi @hross,

Thanks for helping.

In the document you mentioned, the 402 error could be returned when creating a monitor. In my case, I use Rest API to update secure credential, which does not increase the number of monthly checks. In this document about secure credential, I didn’t read anything related to 402.

It seems the problem was temporary. Just want to understand if there are any other limits I need to pay attention to when calling Rest API.

Hey there @Xinhu.Liu -

Sorry about that - I clearly did not read that closely enough. I will do better next time!

Hey @hross,

Don’t worry, it’s fine. You already helped me a lot.