403 error on event

Recently I discovered that I get errors in the browser when visiting our websites, as I get a 403. The 403 is triggered by the following url: https://bam.nr-data.net/events/1/*******?{some parameters}

Newrelic receives the server data quite nicely, nothing wrong with that, and therefore this problem might exist longer than I know. Anyone any idea why this error is triggered and more importantly: how do I make it go away?

@maarten4 Thanks for reaching out! I was able to navigate to one of your websites and see this error as well. A few followup questions I have:

Do you know on/about when you first noticed this error message?

I looked at your browser application and saw PageView data, throughput, etc., for the past week. Can you confirm that data you would normally expect to see is making it into the account despite seeing the error?

Thanks again in advance,

We started noticing this error very recently (lets say 2-3 days ago?), however, as the reporting on our dashboards and error logging is working as expected, and the error is only appearing if you open the “inspect element” in your network tab, the problem might be around for a bit longer.
As said: All functionality we use in newrelic (mainly dashboard and error logging seem to work just fine, so no problems there.

@cfrankenfield does this info help at all?

@maarten4 Thanks for the additional information. I was able to do more research on this and you are seeing the 403 error because you are on a Browser Lite subscription, and we recently changed the way we check for an account’s subscription entitlements.

The 403 Forbidden response codes are sent to requests for data beyond the account’s subscription.

And you should still be seeing your page load and browser data that you did previously in your account.

If that’s not the case, please let me know how I can assist further. Thanks,