422 when creating an NRQL condition with signal with aggregation method


when I try to create the following NRQL condition using POST https://api.newrelic.com/v2/alerts_nrql_conditions/policies/3078969.json:

  "nrql_condition": {
    "name": "some condition name",
    "enabled": true,
    "terms": [
        "duration": "5",
        "operator": "above",
        "priority": "critical",
        "threshold": "2.0",
        "time_function": "all"
    "value_function": "single_value",
    "nrql": {
      "query": "SELECT count(*) FROM TransactionError WHERE appName = 'xxx'",
      "since_value": "3"
    "signal": {
      "aggregation_method": "EVENT_TIMER",
      "aggregation_timer": "60",
      "aggregation_window": "60",
      "fill_option": "none",
      "fill_value": null
    "expiration": {
      "expiration_duration": "600",
      "open_violation_on_expiration": false,
      "close_violations_on_expiration": true

I get response code 422 with the following response body:

    "error": {
        "title": "signal.evaluation_offset cannot have both settings.aggregationMethod and settings.evaluationOffset"

As far as I know, I’m not sending evaluation offset and it’s not configured anywhere (but perhaps it is configured somewhere and I’m not aware of it?).

Could you please help me understand why I get 422 in this case and what the error message means (it seems quite strange, like “evaluation offset cannot have evaluation offset”).

Hey @t.linkowski1 ,

Can you please remove the following, It is deprecated.

"since_value": "3"

I hope it helps.