5/20/2016 Post of the Week: Mobile, UI, Synthetics and more!

Welcome! It’s time for:

Post of the Week! :tada: :star2: :star:

My favorite post all week! This is my opportunity to thank everyone for participating and helping out in the Community Forum this past week! Here are a few highlights:

@dhana.srinivasan helps out with an ongoing Mobile APM issue:

Thanks to @tom.dibble for this amazingly detailed post about APM Web UI! AND it got a shoutout and update from a New Relic Product Manager!

@benorama Points us to a helpful repo regarding Grails 3—thanks for pitching in:

And our FORUM HERO @stefan_garnham helps out with Insights and Synthetics Scripts!


That wraps up another week in the life of the New Relic Community! Thanks to EVERYONE for helping out and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us! See you soon!