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500 error from New Relic Insights API




I’m getting http status code 500 error responses when trying to call PUT /v2/dashboard/:id: (with any ID, and many combinations of (valid) data).

No further information is provided in response body.

A request ID returned from the API in one of these cases is: 4a66e71da765cddcf45d27dd6df476e3



Hey @george.webb1, it looks like we may be having trouble recognizing your Admin API key. I would double check that your key is correct and hasn’t changed. If everything there looks right, next I would try re-generating the key and seeing if you’re still running into this issue with a new key.

Just a quick reminder that you must use the Admin API key, found in your account settings, to access the Dashboard API. The Insights Insert and Query keys are not valid for Dashboard API operations.


Hey - thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I have tried regenerating my admin API key and using that instead but I am still getting a 500 error on the put request. I can successfully call the GET endpoint with the key, but not the put on the same resource.



Hi @george.webb1, after some digging around it’s become apparent that the best way for us to help would be to open a support ticket. I’ve gone ahead and created a ticket for you and you can expect to receive an email update shortly.