6/24/2016 Post of the Week! Alerts, Python, Windows and repos!

Hey, hello and welcome to this week’s:

Post of the Week! :star2:

This week’s PoW features all kinds of posts and a bunch of helpful examples of our community members coming to the rescue! Thank you all so much for participating this week—and always! When it comes to troubleshooting, sharing answers and ideas, you all rock! :sunglasses:

First, let’s check out this Alerts convo featuring fun facts and troubleshooting by @ross_x_mohan and @jdwhitmoyer:

and @ross_x_mohan had a helpful tidbit to share regarding server monitoring, too:

@dmo shares his solution to our lack of asyncio support: he built it himself! His GitHub repo is inside:

And for all your Elixir/Phoenix inquiries, check out @landon.marder 's “New Relixir”:

Following back around, @chiper shares this long awaited (NodeJS) solution! This thread is great—so many contributors:

@jaredkipe shares his hard work regarding his Python/Odoo extension:

And as always, our Forum Hero @stefan_garnham is caught planting Windows knowledge: :seedling:

Thank you to everyone who is not only willing to share their hard work in the forum, but are also willing to do the work and build out such cool tools knowing it will benefit the community. Sharing is caring! and it is always a privilege to feature such talented community members. :thumbsup: See you next week!