7d AMP PageView + .csv export for 7d doesn't work

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I want to make a 7day .csv-Export of my AMP pageviews in New Relic Insights

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Hi @florian.stier - Your question is not clear, are you trying to automate extracting a CSV for a dashboard?

Unfortunately this is not current functionality and you would need to script this yourself.

Hello @stefan_garnham, I am trying to download a 7-day-Goolge-AMP-PageView-csv-Report manually but there is a bug. If I select the 7d-Label or choose a custom (7day or less) time-period it has no impact on the shown or downloadable data. The .csv-Report only contains data of a two-hour-time-period.

Hey @florian.stier - It looks like you get a lot of data in your tables, Insights has a limit on the number of rows returned, the max is 1000.

Since you’re not specifying a limit in your queries, the tables are not as full as they could be.

Note that if your table exceeds 1000 rows, then specifying 7 days may not return 7 days of data, Insights will return as much data as it can up to 1000 rows.

Can you try adding LIMIT 1000 to the end of your queries to grab more data?


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Hey @RyanVeitch - I have added a limit of 1000 rows and now I get 1000 entries in the csv-file as well. That’s enough for my evaluation. Thank you very much for your quick help.


No problem, glad this was helpful :smiley:

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