9/23/16 Post of the Week—Synthetics, Workarounds and NRQL Queries

Hi all! And thanks for joining us for today’s:

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Thank you to all who helped make the Online Technical Community excellent this week! Keep reading to learn about workarounds, NRQL queries and exciting changes!

Our Community Heroes were especially on fire this week.

Big high-five :hand_splayed: to @pault for providing us with this Synthetics workaround:

@stefan_garnham and @LAMBERT include more additions to the NRQL Query Library:

Be sure to visit us in Feature Ideas! Or newest category will hopefully help make requests in the community a lot better. :tada: Click the link below to learn the details:

We are getting ready to launch our new Twitter handle! You all voted and @Learn_NR won! Thanks for participating:

and be sure to visit us here: https://twitter.com/Learn_NR

It is going to be a great week! We want to hear from you! Solved any particularly interesting New Relic problems lately? Need your questions answered? Please contribute as often as you can—we love seeing you all in here pitching in. Thanks again for your participation and come again soon!