9/30/16—Post of the Week! NRQL, Browser SPA and Workarounds!

Happy Monday and Welcome!

Post of the Week

Thank you all for helping out this week. As you may have already noticed, we have some of the best customers in the world! Please check out all the tips, hints and sharing that went on in our Online Technical Community this past week. :fallen_leaf:

Big thanks to @Trevor_Dearham for this Maven/Java Agent gem:

@dmitryg helps us with a Browser SPA workaround: :thumbsup:

New additions to our NRQL Library! Thanks to @LAMBERT and @stefan_garnham

Also be sure to check out what is happening in our shiny new Level Up: Relic Solutions category:

Thanks to all who were mentioned today for being such a huge part of our community! And big thanks to all who visit and enjoy the technical fun bouncing around this online community. Please come visit again soon!

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