A label added in UI for NRQL?

Have added a tag in UI for a cisco router. But it doesn’t work in NRQL. Is it right?

Correct. Tags added in the UI are not visible in NRQL.

Not in NRQL where else can be used?

In the UI, to filter the list of entities.

I answered this same question for you 2 weeks ago. :slight_smile: https://discuss.newrelic.com/t/adding-a-tag-for-a-host/190787/6

We get the data via snmp polling and want to differentiate devices based on the department.

You might try using the taggingAddTagsToEntity NerdGraph API.

Added a tag called team using nerdgraph API , but it doesn’t work.


FROM Metric SELECT average(kentik.snmp.CPU) FACET entity.name WHERE entity.guid = ‘MzQ3OTk4M3xFWFR8Uk9VVEVSfDc1NjU3NTcxMjYxODcxNDM2NDA’ and team = ‘network’ SINCE 30 MINUTES AGO TIMESERIES

Have you tried adding user_tags to the SNMP configuration file? https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/network-performance-monitoring/advanced/advanced-config

Once added to the configuration file, I think I need to restart the container, right?

I don’t know, try it! :slight_smile: Note that you should use tags.key = value to filter by tag: