A Ping monitor with authentication returns "malformed url"

Hi New Relic experts - I have an issue setting up a simple Ping synthetics monitor with basic authentication.
I formatted the url like this: https://username:correctpasswd@apidoc.09749c8b85664c1e8537.westeurope.aksapp.io/
As described here:
But the results are negative: “malformed URL”.

Hi @bosteels.g - The documentation on using synthetics with auththentication provides the authentication types supported. Have you confirmed that your test matches the supported validation?

Hi @stefan_garnham, thanks for your response. - the validation is supported, it’s basic authentication.

@bosteels.g - I just ran a test with a sample basic auth URL that a google search gave me:


This is used to test basic authentication, and using the username and password:


My ping monitor worked just fine.

So I’m curious where you are getting errors, and if you could link back to one, I’d like to have a look.

But as of right now, I believe basic auth with Ping Monitors should work.

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I found out the issue was due to a special symbol in the password I used.
The symbol was a ^ .


Oh great! Thanks for confirming that was the issue :smiley: