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About crash with crashlytics


To: @Linds, @ebeach, @RyanVeitch and @hross

We have got crash reports linked bellow.

Since several issues tell us that crashlytics and new relic conflict on crash report,
we now turned off that function for new relic.


However, crash report in crashlytics still receives same crashes from the app.

We think it’s because new relic’s performance monitoring conflicts with crashlytics’s recordCustomExceptionName function because this happens only place we use both, but we don’t know how to make sure or fix it.

Where would we get support about these things?

Our versions:

  • NewRelicAgent 6.7.0
  • Crashlytics 3.13.4

Kazunari Mori


Hi @k_mori -

You’re right to see that multiple crash handlers can cause problems - I’m not a mobile expert - but, I believe that in iOS it’s completely unsupported to have multiple exception handlers. Whereas in Android it’s possible to chain them.

I’m going to make this topic public, rather than DM, as we have plenty of Mobile experts who can help out, but can’t currently see this thread. :slight_smile:

made this topic public #3


Thank you for your support.

I know that iOS only send 1 crash report, but we now (believe that) send crashes just for crashlytics.

  • We use new relic for performance monitoring.
  • Crashlytics’s recordCustomExceptionName doesn’t crash anywhere else in our app.

Please let me know if there are any informations we should open to for resolve this problem.


Hey @k_mori

Amanda here, your resident mobile specialist, stepping in for Ryan!

@RyanVeitch was spot on in noting that iOS only allows one crash handler. When there is more than one in place, the handlers create a race condition and crash data is only sent to the handler that starts first.

Anyways, given the fact that you’ve disabled New Relic’s crash reporting, there shouldn’t be any issues receiving your crash data in Crashlytics. It’s likely that you wouldn’t see different crash types in Crashlytics once you disabled New Relic’s handler, but rather more crashes as our Agent wouldn’t ever manager or collect this data. I’m not familiar with any instances where other features or functions in our Agent cause conflict with Crashlyics, but my familiarity with this product is a bit limited. I suppose that you could temporarily disable New Relic to see if this resolves the issue; however, this may need Crashlyics support.

If I’m not quite understanding your issue please let me know and we can definitely dive in further!



Thanks for your help.

In current our app, new relic’s crash report is off, and just performance report is on.

Recently, we turned off crashlytics logging function and released our app for make sure the crash is caused by them, however, same error still occurs.

So, we still don’t know why it crashes, but this title may wrong.
We may still need some help, but we are not sure what to ask.

What should we do with this topic?
I think it’s better to close this issue and re-create another issue when we figure out what to ask.


Hey @k_mori!

I’m sorry to hear that this issue is persisting even with New Relic and Crashlytics disabled. Given this finding, it sounds like neither of these SDKs are the root cause of this crash. That being said, if you continue to see crashes that point to New Relic please don’t hesitate to open a new post.