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About the Alerts category


New Relic Alerts help you catch problems before they reach your end user. With New Relic Alerts, you receive notifications when leading performance indicators spike or drop. Alerts can keep you aware of issues that go beyond the server with complex application and real user data integration. In this category, you can post questions, suggestions, and workarounds about how to make New Relic Alerts work best for you. Ready to explore more? You can start with our extensive documentation, check out the Alerts Best Practices Guide, get started with an on-boarding video, or check out our best tips and tricks in our Level Ups category.

Additional documentation resources include:

  • Alerts glossary (definitions for common terminology used with New Relic Alerts)
  • Best practices for alert policies (defining policies based on your infrastructure or your staffing requirements, deciding how many alert policies and conditions you may need, selecting effective channels for alert notifications)
  • Alert policy workflow (overview of how to create an alert policy, including the targets it identifies, the conditions and thresholds that trigger the alert, the notification channels to use, and the incident preference to roll up policy violations)


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