Accelerator Demo: Basic User Capabilities in New Relic One

New Relic One platform now provides two different types of users: Basic user and Full user

The user type determines the monitoring and analysis features a user has access to, and is a key factor in billing. (Note that user type does not control account admin-related permissions; that’s determined by the user group.)

There are two user types:

  • Basic user:
    • These users are free and have access to basic features like setting up reporting of data, running queries of data, making custom charts and dashboards, and setting up alerts. They do not have access to Full-Stack Observability features. For details, see Capabilities.
    • No matter what group a basic user is assigned to, they always have the capabilities of a basic user: no more and no less.
    • Basic users can upgrade on their own to become full users (with exception of users on original user model). Basic users are prompted to upgrade themselves when they attempt to access a feature available only to full users.
  • Full user:
    • These users are billable and have access to our Full-Stack Observability features, which includes our curated UI experiences, like APM, infrastructure monitoring, browser monitoring, mobile monitoring, and synthetic monitors. For details, see Capabilities.
    • The Standard pricing tier includes one free full user and up to five total.

We have more details on our public documentation and the link below provides a great comparison chart:

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