Accelerator Demo: Error Analytics Overview

New Relic’s APM Error Analytics page provides an easy workflow for troubleshooting all the errors that occurred on your application. You can use APM’s Errors UI in New Relic One to:

  • Investigate error information by grouping and filtering the data.
  • Add new errors to APM, prevent certain errors from being reported, and configure expected errors.
  • Get alerts about errors.
  • Review stack traces, logs, and other details.
  • Share the error information with charts and dashboards.

With having Logs in Context for each one of the errors, you can take your troubleshooting to the next step and drill down to the root cause of the problem. New Relic One platform provides you with all of the troubleshooting tools you need to consolidate all your troubleshooting tools into New Relic’s Open, Connected and Programmable single pane of glass.