Accelerator Demo: Optimize your Cloud Spend

Now that you are using cloud-hosted infrastructure and services, it is important to start looking very early and very closely at your cloud spend:

  • Make sure that your assumptions about your cloud spend are playing out as expected.
  • Quickly catch and correct any unexpected spikes in spending.
  • Start fine-tuning the usage of your cloud-based resources.

For example, if you have a set of 20 instances all running at 10% CPU, you can think about using smaller instances or consolidating more work onto those instances. This kind of thinking about your cloud spend helps you optimize and save money quickly.

New Relic can help you monitor all this. From a data perspective, it is really just another metric that our platform can collect for you. As with any other metric, you can visualize, report, and alert on your cloud spend data, just like you can with any data New Relic can help you collect. Using the New Relic applied intelligence platform is a great way to help you learn about your cloud spending or about any of your performance data.