Accelerator Demo: Proactively Test your front-end environment using New Relic Synthetics Monitors

New Relic’s synthetic monitoring simulates user traffic around the world so you can detect and resolve poor performance and outages before your customers notice. Use our suite of automated, scriptable tools to monitor your external and internal websites, critical business transactions, and API endpoints.

To prevent slow results and failures, focus on three key areas:

  • Availability: Proactively ensure uptime, enforce SLAs, and ensure site reliability for your customers. Benchmark performance before, during, and after a cloud migration.
  • Functionality: Before and after you deploy new features or a new site, run tests and scripts to ensure everything works. Analyze actual or simulated end-user data about load time, availability, and errors.
  • Performance: Explore your data to understand the speed of your internal and external sites, individual page loads, assets rendering on pages, and API results.
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