Accelerator Demo: Visualize Prometheus Metrics and Grafana Dashboards using New Relic's Telemetry Data Platform

The Telemetry Data Platform is a fully managed, elastic, time series platform that can store all your open source, vendor-specific, or vendor-agnostic telemetry data in one place. Built to achieve massive scale, it’s extremely powerful and capable of querying terabytes of data with millisecond response times.

Prometheus’ built-in remote write capability forwards metrics from your existing Prometheus servers to the Telemetry Data Platform. Once your metrics are in the Telemetry Data Platform, you instantly benefit from 13 months of retention and on-demand scalability. With all of your telemetry data in one place, you can build dashboards that combine and group data from across your entire software stack. Now, you’ll enjoy a fully connected, global view of the relationships between all your data sources—from Prometheus metrics to application logs to distributed traces between microservices.

We know your infrastructure metrics are important, and we know Prometheus is an essential tool for many of you. Its popularity is obvious: it’s easy to install; it’s the standard metrics tool for Kubernetes; it integrates seamlessly with Grafana; and it’s got an active developer and user community.

You can refer to the webinar below to get more details on New Relic’s vision for Prometheus and Grafana along with the whole initiative of contributing to the Open Source community: