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acceptDistributedTracePayload - but no distributed traces



We implemented distributed traces:

  1. createDistributedTracePayload in tomcat 1 app 1
  2. transport payload via header to another service
  3. receive payload in another service tomcat 2 app 2
  4. acceptDistributedTracePayload

Sometimes we see distributed traces, but mostly not.

How do we debug the agent? Is there any indication that agent actually accepted the payload and matched it to another transaction?


Hi @andrey.kan -

There are a couple of things you could look into with debugging missing distributed traces - For instance, ensure you have a valid Java agent that supports distributed tracing on app1 and app2. Next, kindly review our online documentation to help with troubleshooting called services with the Java agent.

Excerpt from our online documentation :

One way to tell that a transaction is not in progress: when createDistributedTracePayload() is called, an empty string is returned. To create a transaction, see Java agent transaction-related APIs.

In addition, we have some troubleshooting steps on our online documentation linked below, that can be used to track missing trace data:

I hope the aforementioned documentation is helpful.