Account and Billing Questions

It seems impossible to get support!!!

Not even the works
Phones are not anwered, i don’t get this… I don’t one to pay for BILLING support…

I Will paste the email i tried to send over this thread to see in hope that I get help:


I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone for days already without any luck, the chat never responds and the only way i see I get support is only by paying the premium support which i am not willing to do do as my issues is not with the service, but with the billing. So hopefully someone can help me this way. As the public forum is also not helpful which is the only place i was able to do something as there is no real ticketing system for your clients.

Our account is:
Account: 882349

We activated the pay as you go plan and we got an invoice super height that we were not expecting to get (Invoice number: INV00415612). We pay it anyway as we thought it was our mistake and we did something wrong (Seems that we didn’t) , but after that we downgrade it again to the free plan:

But we still got an invoice of 579.50 the next month (INV00428255) still as pay as you go plan when we have downgraded our account. This has been pretty frustrating as we don’t have any PAYG plan activated and we want a full refund for that invoice. I am guessing that the same will happen this month, so we want this deactivated so we are not willing to pay for anything else and there is null support or imposible to talk with someone that can help to get this sorted out. Even the phone line is useless…

We expect a response from this, thanks.

@alejandro Sorry to hear about your experience thus far trying to get this issue resolved. I have opened a ticket so that our customer advocate and billing teams can work directly with you.