Account cancellation request

Our account recently renewed, and we did not wish for that to happen. The email we received said

“Issues or Concerns?
You received a final notification 30 days ago confirming your subscription. If you believe you have renewed in error, please respond immediately to this message.”

…but despite replying to that message, we have received no response back from New Relic for almost 2 weeks now. Please have someone contact us ASAP. Thank you.

p.s. having to post to a public forum to get billing support is bloody ridiculous.

@kevindahl I’m asking our support account team to connect you with billing asap. You should get an email soon.

5 days later and we have still received no contact from your billing department.

@kevindahl Sorry to hear this has been your experience thus far. I’ve reached out again to our team.

Still waiting, nothing from your billing team as of yet…

@kevindahl Our team is aware and following up on this. Thank you for your patience.

There is no patience left on this end, we’ve already been waiting for you to contact us for 3 weeks now @JoiConverse.

Hi @kevindahl, apologies, I appreciate you have been waiting a substantial amount of time. I have followed up internally and made sure our team will follow up shortly!

Hi, can I get an update?

Hi @kevindahl once again, apologies for the delay. Unfortunately the weekend caused a delay on this but this has been escalated and our team will reach out soon. I appreciate your patience.

It’s been another week. Can we please cancel this subscription NOW before another payment is processed in May (next week)?


@kevindahl Our customer advocates has this in their queue and will be reaching out asap.

We ended up having to pay another $275 to just cancel our account.

I will never do business with your company ever again.

Hi @kevindahl, we are still waiting for our Customer Advocates to pick this up so they may be able to assist further.

It seems like your customer advocates are about as useful as your billing dept @nmcnamara - nobody contacted us, and we’re still in the situation where we had to pay you another $275 to cancel our account.