Account closure

Hi I want close the account, can anybody help me out on this?

Niranjan Reddy

Hey there @bridgera,

Welcome to the community!

While we are sad to see you go, I have created a case with our accounts team on your behalf. They will reach out soon via email to help facilitate your request. Please let us know if we can do anything else for you at all. I hope you have a great day!

Thanks @michaelfrederick , Hoping we get email from @NewRelicSupport very soon on this, its very difficult to create a ticket directly to support team, not sure why we have to post openly in the community for such things

Niranjan Reddy

Hey @bridgera,

I understand the frustration not being able to open a ticket with the support team yourself. With our New Relic One Organizations this is a self serve option but unfortunately the Original New Relic accounts have to be processed by our engineering teams. Please let us know if we can help with anything else!

No one has reached out to us till now is there anyway we can reachout to Newrelic quickly on the account closure thing.

Hi @bridgera

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

It looks like Grace from the Accounts team did reach out to email attached to this user profile but there has been no response yet. It may be possible the email is gone to your spam folder.

Alternatively the case number is 00043476 which you can use to locate it.

Please do let me know if you were able to locate the emails for the accounts team.

Hi @dcody , can you please tell us from address from which we received email so we can trace it?

@dcody If possible please send the email again, i think its because of ****** email has some issues that is why we did not receive email, can you please send email again so we can reply.

Niranjan Reddy

Hi @bridgera

I have redacted the email you attached here for the protection of your emails privacy.

I will reach out via direct message to you to confirm the email address the Accounts team reached out to.