Account delete request

Hey I would like to delete the account associated with this user please.


@sznt welcome to the community :slight_smile: Curious if you have gone through the steps listed in this doc which provides steps for downgrading/canceling account:

If you have troubles with these steps please let me know.

Hey @JoiConverse Thanks for replying. About the link you posted, I already checked that but I cant load the page “”, doesnt matter which browser I try it always goes to a blank page. I already saw here in the forum other ppl having the same issues.
Aside from that, I’m not looking for downgrading my account. I want to fully remove it along side my data. I didnt use this service in the past years. Thanks

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Thanks for confirming. Just an initial check I like to do. I will get our account though to help you further :slight_smile:

Hey @JoiConverse I tried to log in again and got this message: “This user is no longer associated with any New Relic account”, which probably means my account was deleted?

That is correct @sznt!

Thanks for replying @JoiConverse. Aside from the account, why the user itself is not deleted/inactivated? Seems to odd to leave a orphan user behind. Is it possible to remove it as well? Thanks

@sznt There is a way to completely remove from the system but it would require our account team to assist you again. Let me know if you would like that. :slight_smile: