Account Deletion Request

Hi, I would like my account deleting too please

Hi @gustavo.nazareth, no problem at all. I have gone ahead and reached out to our support team to assist you with this.


I’ve got two accounts, I’d like to get one of them deleted please:

(delete) one with a normal email/password
(keep) one with email / SAML authentication


@danny.bullis Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Someone from our account team will be in contact soon to work this out for you.

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Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hi, I’d also like my account deleting please

It would be better if this option was available via account settings, rather than having to post here.

Hi @wwwwwwwwww, thats no problem. I have gone ahead and done the same for you. Our account team will follow up soon by email,

Hi, I’d also like to close one of my accounts too please.

Hello, I would like to close my account too, please.

@andrew.stilliard1 I have asked our account team to help you with this request. You will get an email from them soon.

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@elina_mic Most users on the New Relic One model are now able to close their accounts without assistance from our team.

Instructions: How to delete your Organization

If you are unable to for some reason please let me know.

I have multiple accounts created with same email. Can this one be deleted- Account 3061333

@neha.anchalia Our account team can assist you with this request. You will get an email from them soon.

Hi, I would also like to delete my account. Can anyone manage that? Thanks

@victor.gscardoso I have put the request into our account team also for your request. You’ll get an email from them soon.

Hi team. Please put my account down for deletion please. I know you’re helping individually here but this shouldn’t be so difficult. The UI is impossible.

@harry.harrison Your request has been submitted also. You will get an email soon from our support account team.

I also would like my account deleted.

@jpk1 You will get an email from our support team soon to assist with this request.