Account deletion request

I would like to delete my account.

Also consider adding a UI option for account deltion, opening a public forum topic to delete a trial account rubs me (and I’m sure others) the wrong way.

@bryan3 Most users with accounts on the New Relic One user model do have access to delete their accounts.

If for some reason you do not meet these requirements let me know and I’l get our account team to help you with this.

This is definitely a UI feature that engineering is looking to improve for all users. Thanks!

Highly unacceptable I am a paying customer for over 2 years and I get sent to a freaking forum to cancel the account. You need to allow users to cancel accounts from the UI or at least provide away to raise a ticket directly with New Relic. This is extremely amateur and get rid the manager that decided this was the method!

@karvanj I have responded to your other post regarding this request.

@JoiConverse It does look like I have an older account, I don’t see that dropdown option.


Hi @bryan3, no problem, if that’s the case, I have gone ahead and created a support ticket for you. Our account team will reach out to you shortly to assist with this.