Account manager gone


We were in the process of setting up a new plan, when all of a sudden our account manager became unresponsive. A few days later I saw on Linkedin that he had a new job elsewhere. So that explains a lot. But now I have no way og contacting anyone at new relic, as the general phone numbers are never answered. So could someone please give us a call? Account number 717259

Hi @beheer, Thanks for reaching out. I have reached out to our account team to assist you with this. They will follow up by email shortly.


Looking forward to hearing from the account team.

Hi @beheer, I have followed up internally to make sure the team will reach out soon!

There was a ticket (#454877) that is now closed with status “Solved”. How is this solved?!

@beheer I understand how that could be confusing. Simply put there is a different system of record that our customer advocate team uses. Once your case is handed to them our support ticket is considered closed.